Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting started

This past weekend I went to a homeschool convention and took a class about the internet. One of the things talked about was blogs. It sparked my interest so I thought I would give it a go. I also took a class on lapbooking. I am so excited about it!! What a fun and creative way to learn. Bethany started 2 lapbooks this week. One is a multiplication lapbook. I thought it would be a great way for her to practice her facts. She is really enjoying putting it together. I will try to post some pictures when she completes it. The other one is on horses. I bought it at the Expo from - In the Hands of a Child. By far my new favorite place to buy curriculum. Bethany loves horses, so as soon as I seen it I knew it was for her. I also seen some American Girl lapbooks on-line! Those will work great for all Bethany's American Girl books! Here this school year is not even over yet and I am already looking forward to and planning next year!!!
Dakota came back from the convention just as excited as me (although his excitement was not about lapbooks). He attended the youth classes and on Friday Carl Werner had 3 classes about evolution. I never thought I would see the day that Dakota would be excited about Science. We bought the book Living Fossils by Carl Werner and Dakota is loving it. When we went to the booth to buy the book I think every person that took the class was waiting in line to buy it. Made me wish I would of listend in!!!