Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Treasured Concealed - A Book Review

Emily Carver lives with her family in the gold mining camps of Montana Territory.  Her father has high hopes in hitting it big, but the mining camps are not a safe place for a woman and Emily knows this.  She takes extra care to protect herself and even dresses like a man when she goes out.  Emily's mother is gravely ill and she is not ready to let her go.  She is not sure how she will ever make it without her.   All Emily wants is a real home and family and a life of stability.

Emily's father invited Caeden Thibault, a young geologist to stay with them.  Caeden has a past that he is ready to forget.  The pain of his past life is too much for him to bear and he fells that Montana is the perfect place for him to escape to.  It's not long before Emily catches his attention, he is fascinated with the fact that she has no desire to strike it rich.  When the Carver's house is burnt to the ground by a bad man, Caden feels like he must protect Emily.  Will Emily and Caeden allow God to direct their paths, heal their hearts and help them find happiness with each other?

A Treasure Concealed by Tracie Peterson is a beautifully written story that will pull you into the pages from start to finish.  I am a huge fan of historical romance books and I really enjoyed reading about the gold rush.  I loved the romantic parts of the book and that it showed a strong faith and patience in waiting on God's timing.  You'll fall in love with the characters and at the end of the book you will feel completely satisfied with the ending.  This is one of those books that leaves you thinking about the story even after it is over.

***Thanks to Bethany House Publishing for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest review.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Faith - Quaker Brides

Faith by Lyn Cote is the third book in the Quaker Brides Series.  The first book in this series was the first book I read by Lyn Cote and I became and instant fan.  I somehow missed the second book (but will be getting it soon) and this third book has reminded me of why I love this author!

Faith Cathwell is on the Civil War battlefield serving as a nurse.  She is holding strong to her faith as a Quaker, but is determined to do her part to fight against slavery and she is hoping to find her dear friend Shiloh, a freeborn girl who was stolen away and sold into slavery.

Faith comes to Colonel Devlin Knight's side and helps save his cousins life.  Now faith is asking Colonel Devlin to return the favor and help her find Shiloh.  Their is a growing attraction between the two and they end up fighting a war with their own hearts in the midst of the battle that is going on around them.

This was such an interesting story and it is very evident that the author did a wonderful job researching history in preparation for this novel.  I enjoyed the love interest between two people that were so different on so many levels.  I am a big fan of the Civil War era and this book bought me right into the front lines of battle and gave a glimpse of the medical side of the Civil War.  I love how Faith stayed true to her faith despite her circumstances and I loved that she used herbs as part of her nursing.

I can't wait to get the 2nd book in this series that I missed and I know if it is anything like the two I have read I won't be disappointed.

***This book was provided to me by Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

An Unbroken Heart

Joanna Schrock has been in love with Andrew since they were 12 years old, but she is tired of waiting around for him to propose. She takes matters into her own hands and asks Andrew to marry her.

While on a buggy ride with her parents Joanna informs her mom and dad that she is marrying Andrew.  A fight ensues as her mother tries to convince Joanna that she is not ready for marriage.  Then the unthinkable happens.  A crash with a hit and run driver kills Joanna's parents and now she is left with severe scars both on her face and in her heart. She blames herself and she wants nothing to do with Andrew.

Now that Joanna is recovering Andrew is showing affection like he never did before and Joanna is convinced that he just feels sorry for her.  Andrew on the other hand has realized that he almost lost the woman he loves and he doesn't want to wait any longer to start their lives together.  Joanna is struggling to gain strength in her body, but most of all she need healing for her broken heart.  Will she ever be able to forgive herself and have a happy life with Andrew?

An Unbroken Heart by Kathleen Fuller is the second book in the Amish of Birch Creek series.  It is not necessary to read the books in order as this is a great stand alone book.  This was a good story and I enjoyed it.  I really liked that there were some side characters and story lines that really grabbed my attention and gave the book an added boost.

If you are a fan of Amish fiction I believe you will enjoy An Unbroken Heart.

***This book was provided to me by in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Room For Hope

Neva Shilling is a loving and dedicated wife.  She works hard while her husband is traveling and selling items from his wagon.  It is the middle of the Depression and times are hard, but her husband provides well for her.  She would trade it all in though for more time with her husband.  She faithfully cares for their twins and runs the Shilling Mercantile. 

She is preparing a special dinner for the return of her husband when a wagon pulls up.  Instead of seeing her beloved husband she is greeted by a deputy delivery three young children into her care.  The sheriff informs Neva that her brother Warren and his wife has passed and his last wishes for her to care for their three children.  

Neva's world comes crashing down around her as she realizes that her husband had a secret family and his long travels where really about him spending time with his other family.  She wants nothing more than to forget about Warren, but how can she allow innocent children to be sent to an orphanage?  If she takes them in will she ever be able to love them or will they be a constant reminder of her husband's betrayal?

Room for Hope by Kim Vogel Sawyer is a beautiful written novel.  Kim Vogel Sawyer is my favorite author and this book is the perfect example as to why I love her books!  She grabs the readers by the heartstrings.  This book told the story from different points of views and I enjoyed reading how each of the characters, including the children where dealing with their circumstances.

One of my favorite things about Mrs. Sawyers books is that she intertwines a deep faith in God in all her stories.  If you haven't read any of her books I urge you to do so.  You will be touched and encouraged!

***Thank you to for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, March 4, 2016

On Lone Star Trail

I wasn't sure what to expect when I began On Lone Star Trail by Amanda Cabot.  I don't read very many modern day romance novels.  They are not my favorite genre, but I can tell you one thing...if every modern romance novel I picked up was as well written as On Lone Star Trail I would have a totally different opinion.

This was such a great book that far beat my expectations!  It is the third book in a trilogy, but I don't think it is necessary to read all three.  I didn't read the first two and I had no problems connecting.  If the first two in the trilogy are half as good as this one though they would definitely be worth reading.

This book is so sweet and romantic.  I found the lives of the characters easy to relate to and realistic.  It's about two people with shattered pasts and their journey to healing and finding love.  The struggle with their faith and the way they helped each other with their spiritual issues was touching.

I would highly recommend this novel even if it is not your normal genre.  It was a nice change of pace for me and I'm sure others would enjoy it as well as I did.

More about the book:

A woman without a future. A man running from the past.

One enchanting place where broken dreams are mended.

If there's one thing Gillian Hodge never wants to see again, it's a man on a motorcycle.  Her last encounter with one left her right hand crushed, ending her promising career as a concert pianist.  Unsure about the next phase in her life, she heads to Rainbow's End Resort for some rest and relaxation when a sudden thunderstorm causes a motorcycle to crash right in front of her.

When TJ Benjamin's wife died, he lost more than his best friend, he lost his faith.  He has spent the past year wandering the country on his motorcycle, trying not to think about the future.  When he finds himself stranded with a busted bike and  a reluctant rescuer, he has to wonder about God's sense of humor.

As these broken people collide, they find that a bright future is still ahead-it just might not be the one they imagined for themselves.

***Thank you to Revell for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Sweet Misfortune

Rachel Matthews is homeless and alone, but she isn't one to rely on others for her care.  She is determined to make her own money and buy back her families ranch.  She takes the job of a dance hall girl.  When her brother, who is away, finds out he is desperate to save his sister's reputation so he calls on his good friend John McIntyre.

John is ranching the farm that used to belong to Rachel's family.  He purchased it with the option of selling it back in a couple years once the family got back on their feet.  When John barges into the place where Rachel is working and throws her over his shoulder she is appalled.  He hauls her back to the ranch.  John's mother convince Rachel to stay on and not go back to the dance hall.  It's not long before sparks begin to fly between John and Rachel, but there is plenty of things to come in between them in this Virtues and Vices of the Old West novel.

I really enjoyed the first couple chapters of this book.  It was fun and entertaining, but it soon lost its flair.  I enjoyed Rachel's character, but when there started being so many men vying for her attention it began to get a little irritating to me.  It's one thing to have a love triangle, but when it becomes more than three it starts to become a little shallow for me.

From the get go it is easy to predict that John and Rachel will end up together and I would of much rather read a more romantic tale of these two likable characters and how they overcame their differences to be together.

***Thank you to Revell for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.