Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Candy Cane Christmas

One of the most familiar symbols of Christmas is the Candy Cane. The candy cane however, was not always the familiar red and white striped cane that we hang on our trees today. Around the 17'th century the candy cane was an all white sugar stick. Around this time period was also when the tradition of hanging them on Christmas trees began. People in Europe made decorations for their trees and many of the decorations included food and candy. The use of candy canes to decorate Christmas trees made its way to American by the 1800's. At this time they were still all white. It was not until the early 1900's that the red stripes were added. Today the candy cane symbolizes Christ's love and is a sweet reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

~The white part of the candy represents the purity of Jesus.
~The red stripes remind us of Christ's death on the cross.
~The bold red stripe represents God's love.
~The three fine stripes represent the trinity-the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
~The crook at the top looks like a shepherd's staff and helps us remember that shepherds were the first to hear about the Savior's birth. It also serves as a reminder that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and He watches over His children like little lambs.
~It is a hard candy, solid like a rock, the foundation of the church.
~The flavor of peppermint is similar to another member of the mint family, hyssop. In the Old Testament hyssop was used for purification and sacrifice. This is said to symbolize the purity of Jesus and the sacrifice He made.
~Turned upside down, the candy cane looks like the letter J, symbolizing the first letter in Jesus' name.

If you are a homeschooler and would like to do a unit study or a lapbook on the Candy Cane here is a great link.
There are so many Candy Cane crafts. All you need is some candy canes and a little creativity. Here are a few simple ideas.
These reindeer candy canes are sure to bring a smile to you face! They would be great on top of gifts instead of a bow!

A little felt, thread, ribbon and glue are all the things you need for this cute mouse with a candy cane tail!

Your friends and family will love this sweet card that was made just for them!

This candy cane vase is the perfect center piece for you Christmas table. All you need is an empty coffee can and you are set!

This idea is the perfect Christmas gift for the "hard to buy for" person!

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  1. I did the Candy Cane vase...Makes the house smell so good...well, I did more than one...lol...