Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lazy Days and Saturdays

I have enjoyed a completely lazy, only do what I want to do, kinda day.  So, what, you may ask, does a person do on a completely lazy, only do what I want to do, kinda day?  Well,  I don't know what other people do, but for me it consisted of not getting out of bed when I thought I should.  Instead, I ignored that nagging voice in my head that says "you really need to get up"  and snuggled deeper under the covers for another 45 minutes.   

Once I got up, I decided it was a perfect day for backing up old home videos.  I'm slowly putting all our old vhs home videos onto dvd's with a Dazzle video creator.  While I was waiting for the video's to record onto the dvd's, I looked through boxes of old sewing patterns.  I've been in a creative mood lately.   I've been getting tons of inspiration from a young girl named Olivia.  She has a great blog called Eager Hands.

 I have several projects I want to start.  The two main projects that I'm centering my focus on is  a modest swimsuit for Bethany and a dress.   For the swimsuit I am thinking of making my own design rather than following a specific pattern.  I really don't like patterns and I usually don't follow them anyway. : )   For the dress, I'm thinking something with a zipper.  I've never sewn an outfit with a zipper before and I feel the need to learn the skill.  Surely it won't be that hard.  In case it is, I don't have to worry, I know I can call on my mom if I run into trouble.   So anyways, I'm looking through old patterns in search for pieces that catch my eye that I can use.  For example, maybe the bodice of one, the skirt layout of another.  If I'm lucky I'll be able to put them together and the outcome will be a masterpiece.

Looking at all the patterns made me decide to get my sewing machine out.  Usually, I leave it out, but I decided to put it away during Christmas break this year.  I quick converted a pair of Capri's into a denim skirt for my niece Katy, and then I mended a few articles of clothing that were starting to pile up.

I finished the day with some homemade hot cocoa and movies with the kids.   Ahhh,  If only every day could be a lazy day or a Saturday.


  1. Hi Sheila,
    This sounds more like a fun productive day than lazy. :P Except for the sleeping in part. My Saturday was a very lazy day except for the fact that I didn't sleep in. My daughter, whom I have homeschooled her whole life, even into 1st year university, just this past week has started into a real university that is 1 1/2 hr away from our place. Since she is staying at home we need to have her into the bus stop by 7 am so that means leaving here by 6:45 and getting up by 5:30 for her and 4:30 for me; which I don't mind but am not use to. So yesterday I did nothing much at all, even had a nap in the afternoon. :)
    Thanks for sharing about your sewing and movie transfers; sounds relaxing.

    God Bless,

  2. I am not a morning person at all so I sympathize with you about getting up so early. :) It definetly sounds like a worth while cause. I'd do the same for my kids in a heartbeat. It's nice that she gets to live at home and still continue her education, even if it does mean getting up in the wee hours of the morning ;). Has it been a big adjustment for her? Going from a homeschool setting to University? Glad you where able to get a nap in!

  3. it is an adjustment and she is pretty stressed but really loving the change. Me, on the other hand am really missing her alot. It is like a piece of my heart gone. I guess it does need to happen, cutting of the apron strings.
    The adjustment tothe classes seems to be fine as she is a strong student.
    Thanks for asking:)
    In Him

  4. I will add you and her both to my prayer list. From one homeschool mom to another, I know my day is coming soon enough. I won't even know what to do with myself when my kids reach that stage of their lives. Letting go when you want to hold on will be tough. I guess it's a whole new level of "putting them in God's hands" :)

  5. Thank you for adding us to your prayer list; that is awesome! It is a whole new level of putting them in God's hands and trusting Him and He is so awesome! The very first girl my daughter met is a Christian and she introduced her to a group of Christian girls; God is good! That was the very thing we asked for when we drove her off the very first day.
    Thank you for the prayers. :)