Monday, June 3, 2013

The Circle Of Life


If I had to name one fear and only one fear it would be my fear of snakes.  So make no mistake when you see the pictures below....I am not a reptile lover, but I still think this is pretty neat!

When we went camping over Memorial weekend we went on a hike and no sooner than we started I seen something move.  It was a snake that appeared to be striking.  When my son investigated this is what he seen!  A black snake eating a lizard.  A FAT lizard.  We watched the whole thing which was a pretty neat experience.  The snake had it's mouth full so I knew we were safe, but I still kept a safe distance.  Dakota on the other hand got crazy close to get a good shot and shoot a video.  While he took pictures of the snake I took pictures of him. :)

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