Monday, December 9, 2013

Carolina Gold - A Book Review

Carolina Gold by Dorothy Love takes place right after the Civil War, but for Charlotte Fraser the battles are just beginning.  After her dad dies Charlotte returns to Fairhaven and is determined to save her families rice plantation.  She meets many obstacles along the way.  Lack of money, finding workers and supplies, not to mention, most people do not think that a woman should be doing the kind of work that she is doing, but Charlotte stays focused and determined to do whatever it takes to persevere.

To earn a little extra money Charlotte agrees to tutor the two young daughters of her neighbor, Nicholas Betancourt.  Nicholas is a widow and has his own problems of trying to save his plantation.  When Charlotte learns that Nicholas may have a claim on her land she becomes very distraught.  Being the time in history that it is, the correct paperwork has been misplaced so the proof she needs is no where to be found.  Once again, Charlotte becomes determined to uncover the facts that she needs to stay on her beloved plantation.

I love the determination of Charlotte and how she perseveres no matter what obstacles
come her way.  I did find the book a little slow and hard to muddle through at times, but it was worth it towards the end when everything started to come together.

I also really loved the fact that the author was inspired to write this novel by a real live historical figure Elizabeth Waties Allston Pringle who lived from 1845-1921.  I love when a historical fiction romance novel intertwines real life historical events within its pages and the author did a lovely job of this!

***This book was provided to me by the publisher through the booksneeze blog review program in exchange for my review.

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