Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Bracelet - A Book Review

The thing that drew me to The Bracelet by Dorothy Love was the mystery and I have to admit that it was the "mystery" that kept me intrigued, but that is about all.

The book starts off with a young distraught woman thinking about ending her own life, but she changes her mind...too late or so we wonder.  The death was believed to be accidental, but through some events it leaves the reader wondering if it was actually a murder?  Next, we fast forward to 1858.  It is a just a couple years before the Civil War.  I normally love books written from this time period, but I did not connect with the time period in this book.  There was something about it that just didn't seem true to that time period for me.

I also did not connect well with the characters.  The main character Celia has just gotten engaged to Sutton her childhood sweetheart.  At the same time a reporter starts poking around trying to uncover the mystery of the tragedies that took place when Celia was a child.  Celia begins to realize that there are some deep family secrets and she decides if she wants to know the truth she will have to discover it for herself.  As she begins to search out the truth she starts getting threats.  One inparticular is a Bracelet that has a secret message, a threat, within the stones.  Instead of backing down this makes Celia all the more determined to find out the truth of her family and who is sending her the messages.

I found no chemistry between Celia and Sutton.  I have to say I didn't even like Sutton's character so it was hard for me to want Celia to marry him.  There is also Ivy, who is just annoying to me.  Her character just seems stupid and I didn't connect well with her either.  All the "fluff" surrounding the mystery really just bored me.  I wanted to read about the mystery and find out the truth of the tragedies.  All the rest just bored me.

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