Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Tapestry of Secrets by Sarah Loudin Thomas

For decades, Perla Phillips has hidden the truth of a decision that still fills her with guilt.  But now, seeing her granddaughter, Ells struggle in a similar way, she's prepared to finally open the past to her family, no matter the consequences.  but when the opportunity is snatched from her in a most unexpected manner, will she have waited too long?

Spanning generations, this moving family drama weaves together the interlocking stories of two women as they navigate relationships, family, faith and the choices that will shape their lives.  Heartwarming and nostalgic, the story explores the courage to share the wounds of the past and celebrates the legacy a family passes from one generation to the next.

I became of fan of Sarah Louidin Thomas when I read the first two books in the series Appalachian Blessings.  When I seen she had a new book I knew I had to read it.  What I did not know was that A Tapestry of Secrets was the third book in the Appalachian Blessings series. Not sure how that slipped by me.  The same family is featured and so many unanswered questions get answered in this new novel.  What is great though is that it would still be a great stand alone book.  No need to go back and read the series, but I think you would enjoy those books as well.

This is such a beautifully written story. I think pretty much everyone can relate to in someway.  We all, at times struggle to do the right thing.  There are family dynamics that we can relate too.  Elderly family members getting sick and no longer being able to care for themselves, accepting the choices of others, etc.  There are lots of lessons that you can learn through reading this book and I think you will feel uplifted and encouraged by what you find within the pages.

***Thanks to Bethany House Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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