Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Servant Like Jesus - A Children's Book Review

On the first day of school, Charlie is too shy to come out from his hiding spot behind the cleanup sink.  But when Miss Stella Starfish asks him to become her teacher's helper, Charlie acquires a new confidence in the special abilities God has given him.  by helping his teacher and classmates though, Charlie learns something even more important - the value of serving others just like Jesus did.

Adventures of the Sea Kids is a multiple, award-winning series seeking to help children build a strong, foundational relationship with Jesus.  Each book focuses on a character that struggles with issues such as bullying, shyness, bragging, being different and more.  parents, grandparents, teachers and especially children will enjoy reading these delightful and beautifully illustrated books.

A Servant Like Jesus is a softback children's book that is geared for children 2-8.  The book is great for reading aloud to your little one. Some of the words would be hard for a new reader.  The story has a great message.  The illustrations are so vibrant.  The sea life creatures reminded me of a cross between Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid.  Such cute characters.  An extra little fun activity is that on each page there is "the hidden word" for you to find.  It is just a small illustration of the Bible hidden within the pictures. This adds a unique touch and a fun activity for little kids to participate in.  Kind of like I spy.  A very clever thing to include.

I would definitely recommend this book for parents, grandparents or anyone who has little kids they like to read to.  Reading is such a rewarding activity and what better than a book that teaches good morals and the love of God.

***Thanks to Book Crash for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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