Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Vacation!!!

It's finally here! We are officially on summer vacation! We finished the last of our school up on Friday. So what does summer vacation mean for me? Planning the next school year! I have spent my evening going through old curriculum, trying to decide what to sell and what to save, then what to use next year and what I still need to get! I love planning out our school year and going through books. I find it funny that as soon as summer vacation comes, I immediately start planning!!! I am counting down the days to the used curriculum fair, it is my favorite sale of the year. This year we pretty much have everything we need already so I will get to shop at a more leisurely pace! Let's hope I don't impulse buy. I am very bad about that. As I go through my book shelves I see several items that I have bought with good intentions but ended up changing my plan. This year I am determining in my mind not to impulse buy.....but then again there's always that one item that I don't think I can live without!

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  1. I blew my budget at the Homeschool Expo! = ) It will take me all summer to get it all sorted out. Yay! I love homeschool planning too!