Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Sunflower Day

Planting Sunflowers in my garden is a must. Each year when I pick out my precious vegetable plants and am trying to choose the right seeds I can't seem to pass up sunflowers. I usually grab at least 2 packages and on the outer edge of my garden I plant a row of sunflowers. They are so easy to grow. Just put them in the dirt, cover them up and forget about them. But you won't forget about them for long. Their beauty will catch your attention on those hot days of summer. It seems like when everything else is wilting and drooping from the hot summer sun the sunflower stands tall and vibrant. Every time I look at my sunflowers a smile tugs at the corners of my mouth. I think about how the Sunflower turns her head towards the sun every sunrise and follows the light till each sunset, then it does it all again the next day. Oh how I want to be a sunflower. Keeping my eyes upon my heavenly Father, following the Light each and every day and for that reason alone being beautiful.

Maybe you have fond memories of tall yellow sunflowers that you planted as a child. Next year grab a packet or two of seeds and rediscover the joy they brought you those many years ago.

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