Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Bright Sunshiny Day

We have so enjoyed the break in rain this week. 
Yesterday we finished planting our raised beds. 
I can almost taste the yummy strawberries and cannot wait to use my herbs for cooking and medicinal purposes!!

 Our ducks - Mac, Quackers, Ginger and Dorothy enjoyed the day too!
I think they were posing for this shot.

 We got all 8 bunnies out and let them hop around.

 Daisy loved playing with the bunnies!

 Doesn't she look like she's having fun!

This is Basil - our only steel out of the bunch.


  1. Hi Sheila , HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !! You did a lot of work on your garden ....It's looking great ....Here where I live it is still too early to plant ( we have had frosts until the end of may ) ....The bunnies look to be growing just fine and your puppy likes them .... Have you sold any of them yet .... You look like you live on a nice piece of property with room for all the animals and that is a good thing .... We used to own 15 acres north of us and then sold it because we felt as though we were not going to build on it however we miss being able to go up and walk our property , hunt on it and also have picnics on it .... My husband really misses it too .... I just wanted to say have a wonderful day !!

  2. Hello Shiela, I have noticed that you have been away from your blog for almost a month now and I am praying you are alright and just being busy with life .... Hopefully we will hear from you soon !! How are your bunnies doing ? Let me know if there is something I can do and rest well