Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great Devotional Book

I received a devotional book from Tyndale as a part of their Blogger Review Program.  The book is the Life Application Study Bible Devotional and it has been one of the best devotionals ever! 

It is set up as a 52 week, 6 day a week devotional on the life of Jesus taken from the gospels.  Each  week focuses on a different event in Jesus' ministry.  Each day has "reading of the word" that gives you Bible scriptures to read, "setting the  scene" which reflects on the passage of scripture, "getting personal"  with questions and thoughts to help you reflect and apply the lesson to your life, and "talking to God"  which gives suggestions for your prayer time.  I really like this set up especially the "setting the scene" because it helps you dig deeper, think about the scriptures and meditate upon them. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is desiring a closer walk with God and would like to set up a daily devotional routine!  It would be a great Christmas gift for family and friends!  That way they can start the devotional January 1'st! :)

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