Monday, December 5, 2011

Bethany's Sign Name

Tonight we enjoyed our annual Christmas party/deaf fellowship.  It is always fun to get together with our deaf friends and our friends that are learning ASL.  We played games, laughed and of course ate.  We had pizza, yummy lasagna, salad and some awesome deserts, but the highlight of our night was when Bethany finally received her sign name!! 

To receive a sign name, it has to be given to you by a deaf person.  The purpose of a sign name is that when you are among the deaf community you don't have to fingerspell an individuals name.  If they have a sign name it saves time, plus that is how you are known around the deaf.  Each persons sign name is unique and fitting.  For example, last year Dakota was given his sign name.  It is the signed letter "d" up next to the open flat palm.  It is the sign for "camera" but with a "d" instead of a "c".   He loves to photography and takes lots of pictures.  See how it fits? 

So tonight as we were going through  introductions and it was Bethany's turn she finger spelled her name and signed that she does not have a sign name yet.  One of our deaf friends signed what he wanted to give her..the sign for beautiful but with a "b" hand shape.  Isn't that awesome.  I love it and I know she was so happy to finally get her sign name.  She refused to ask for one because she wanted it to be special.  lol  I always say she is my beautiful Bethany. ;)

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