Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St. Nicholas Day

It is more blessed to give than to receive!

Happy St. Nicholas Day to everyone out there in blog land. 
To celebrate St. Nicholas Day our family will be doing a brief History lesson in school about the man behind the legend.   Here is a good site that has everything you need to know. We will mingle Bible in with our lesson including  these verses:  Acts 20:35,  I John 3:17, Matthew 6:3-4, and Matthew 25:35-36

The the kids will check their stockings for goodies.  This is all in fun and the things we include in the stockings goes right along with St. Nicholas and the things he gave to those in need.
The stocking is used because the coins and gifts that St. Nicholas left fell into the girl's stockings and shoes. 

It will include:
1.A mesh bag of chocolate gold coins because Nicholas tossed bags of gold through the open window of his friend's house.
2.  A wooden gift in remembering Nicholas hired a wood-carver to make toys for the children. 
3.  An article of clothing, something simple and practical to remember his concern for clothing the people.
4.  A favorite food item, remembering his generosity in feeding people.  For my kids it's beef jerky!
5.  A gingerbread boy or girl, remembering how he baked bread.

Another great idea to celebrate would be to fix a supper with a mid-eastern menu since St. Nicholas was born in Myra which is present-day Turkey.

Here is one more link to another blog and how their family celebrates St. Nicholas day!

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