Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Doggie Bed for Daisy

I am so in love with Pinterest!  It has such wonderful ideas for cooking, crafts, name it.  If it can be done, it has been pinned.   

One thing that quickly got my attention on Pinterest was the many ideas of things to make from wooden pallets.  There are so many neat ideas that I had to make a board just for that!   Lucky for me my brother-in-law gets tons of pallets with his business and he is saving a bunch for me.  He has already sent me some nice slabs of wood.

One of the ideas of "things to do with wooden pallets" was to make a dog bed.  Well, if you know me you know how much I love my sweet dog Daisy and since it is too cold to make some of the outdoor wood pallet ideas I decided to start with an indoor project.  So I took two of the boards and cut 2 pieces 2 feet long and 2 pieces 18 inches long.   I used a table saw, but I'm sure you could use a regular saw. 

Next I painted the wood black.  I had some black spray paint already so that was perfect!

I had seen a really cute idea on pinterest where you take your dogs paw and dip it in paint and then make a paw print.  The pin I saw was a framed puppy print, but I decided to use the idea for the bed.  Here's what I did:

I put her paw print down the two side boards and the back board.   Daisy was not too fond of this process and was very glad when it was over.  ;)

I knew on the front board I wanted Daisy's name with a daisy (the flower) on each side.  I am not good at free style painting, but guess what???  I found this great tutorial on........wait for it.......PINTEREST that shows how to paint stencil-like letters on wood.  It is so easy!  I loved it so much I want to do more.  I'm seeing wooden signs in my future.

After that was finished all I had to do was put it together.  Tools needed:  hammer and nails.  :):)  

For the bedding I used a couple pillows that were already designated for Daisy use and covered them with black fleece and voila....

Daisy LOVES it!!  
So that's it!  I took 3 different pins I seen, mushed them together in my own way and created the cutest little doggie bed ever!  Well, at least in my own opinion. ;)

If after reading this you are pinspired you can head right over to Pinterest and check out all my boards by clicking here.

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