Saturday, June 23, 2012

Park Days

Me and the kids love to go to the park for some fishing and relaxation.  A couple days ago we enjoyed a beautiful evening there.  I brought my favorite denim quilt and my nature journal and was able to capture some of God's beautiful creation on paper.  The kids did some fishing and when Bethany tired of that she shared the quilt with me and read for a while.

Dakota caught this snapping turtle in his fishing net.

This crazy bird became Dakota's instant buddy when he thought he could get a fish treat.

 Dakota only caught one catfish this time.  The big one got away.  Seriously.  One of his fishing poles was on the ground and suddenly it shoots out into the water and doesn't come back up until it's halfway out in the lake. lol  Luckily he was able to get it back by casting another line and "catching" it.  We're just sure it was a big one. ;)

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