Friday, May 15, 2015

As Love Blooms - A Book Review

Tessa Gregory has a mind of her own.  She has studied horticulture and is determined to get a job as a gardener at Como Park in St. Paul Minnesota, but the man in charge has no desire to hire a woman.  It is 1913 and he thinks a woman is better suited to join a garden club and do work in her own back yard.  With the help of Reese, a young man who works at the park, Tessa devises a sneaky plan in hopes to get her gardening designs acknowledged and a job secured.

The more time that Reese and Tessa spend together the more they realize that they are meant to be together.  Both of them are hiding secrets from each other and Tessa is always doing things without thinking and Reese has a hard time accepting her "wild" ways.   Will their love be strong enough to see them through the troubles that seem to follow their relationship?

This was a fun book to read.  Before this book I had read a couple books that were a little more intense so this was a pleasant change.

It is actually the third book in the Gregory Sisters series and I did not know it until after I finished the book.  It is a great stand alone book, but I am definitely going to be going back and reading the other two books.

Along with the main story line I found myself enjoying the minor character's story line.  Aunt Sam and her secret courtship with a senator was an enjoyable extra as was the conflict between Tessa's two sisters.  I would definitely recommend this book to others!

***This book was provided to me by Revell Reads in exchange for my honest review.

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