Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Heart's Promise - A Book Review

A Heart's Betrayal is book three in Colleen Coble's Journey of the Heart's Series.  There are six books in this series and since March a new book has been released every month.   This series is the first that Colleen Coble wrote.  These books have not been available for 10 years, but now fans of this author have the chance to read her first work.

The books are quick and easy reads.  The four that I have read so far have each been around 100 pages.  This makes it very convenient for busy days, but what I don't like about it is that you have to wait a month from one book to the next.  It drags out the story and I have been finding that annoying with the last couple books. 

Each book starts where the last one ended and A Heart's Betrayal took a little bit of a different turn.  Even though Sara and Rand are still prominent characters in this story, the main character in this Novella is Emmie Croftner.  In the past three books Emmie's brother Ben has wreaked havoc on Rand and Sara's life.  Emmie is the complete opposite of her brother and has such a sweet disposition.  The book starts with Emmie mourning the death of her husband.  After only being married a short time she never dreamed she would be a widow so suddenly, but she is even more surprised when she answers her door and there stands a woman and a child...the wife and son of her late husband.   Unbeknownst to her she was married to a bigamist.  Now she has no place to stay and is ashamed of her circumstances.  She decides to head for Fort Laramie, Wyoming to find her friend Sarah and start a new life.   Not long after she arrives she finds out she is pregnant.  The new start she was hoping for is now looking pretty bleak.

This book sparked new interest for me.  I was beginning to grow tired of this series, but with a new character and a new story line I am excited to read the last two books and see what the conclusion of this series will be!

***This book was provided to me by the publisher through the booklook blog review program in exchange for my honest review.

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