Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Evenings with Tozer - A Book Review

Evenings With Tozer is a daily devotional book compiled of 365 devotions that come from sermons that A.W. Tozer preached.  Each devotion includes a scripture reading and a short devotion that was taken from Tozer's sermons and writings.  Tozer often told his friends that his primary spiritual concern was proclamation and promotion of personal heart religion.  His writings during his lifetime reflected this concern.

"The work of a good book is to incite the reader to moral action, to turn his eyes toward God and urge him forward."

I have read several of Tozer's books and I will say that he always leaves me wanting more of God in my life.  This devotional does the same.  As you are ending your day you will be reminded of the goodness of God.

One thing that I like about Tozer is that he writes in an educated way.  For me, it requires a slower paced reading.  No skimming through, therefore making me reflect on what I am reading.  I actually even go back and read some of the passages twice.  They are deep and it takes a little extra time for me to really "sink my teeth into it".

I would highly recommend this book to any lover of God!  There is also a Mornings with Tozer that I have previously done a review on.  I think owning both of this is a great.  It gives you a nice structure to start and end your days with great devotions and the word of God!

***Thanks to Moody Publishing for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest review.

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