Thursday, January 21, 2016

Where She Belongs - A Book Review

There are several things that spark my initial interest about a book.  The story line, the title, whether it is considered a christian book (I don't want anything smutty), the author and the cover.  The thing that sparked my interest first and foremost about the book Where She Belongs was the cover.  It has such a beautiful and romantic cover.  Second was the title.  It just sounds like a good book.  After I read the back of the book I was a little skeptical.  I am not big on modern day romance stories.  I would much rather read historical fiction or a good mystery.  I decided to take the chance on Where She Belongs because...well, that beautiful cover.

I did struggle at the beginning of the book.  I had a hard time connecting with the characters and the story line.  Possibly because it is not my normal genre and possible because I had just finished a really good book and the bar was set high.  But I was glad that I did not give up.  It was a charming story that was rich in family ties and "home".  It was the kind of book that makes you smile in the end and feel good that you read it.  I would recommend it to others and I think the author did a great job at telling a beautiful story.


Shelby Kincaid is ready to move forward after the death of her husband left her devastated.  With high hopes for the future, she longs to purchase her family's homestead, Misty Willow, so she can raise her young daughters it the only place she ever truly belonged.  She plans to transform the abandoned house in the the perfect home of her memories.  But she has her work cut out for her.

AJ Sullivan never wanted Shelby's family homestead in the first place.  His grandfather left it to him as a punishment for not following his wishes, and he's let it fall to ruin.  AJ's more than happy to unload it to this spitfire of a woman.  But even after angry exchanges of the state of the house, he can't get her off his mind.

***Thanks to Revell publishing for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest review.

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