Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Baby Bunnies

We woke up this morning to 9 new baby bunnies.  The sad didn't make it.  I feel totally responsible. :( 

This morning Dakota went out and checked to see if she had her babies.  Right away he noticed that one baby was out wondering around the nest.  It was freezing cold and he picked it up and put it back with the others.  He came and told me and I waited about a half hour before I went out to check how many babies we had.  That was my first mistake.  I should of went out immediately, got the baby, warmed it under warm water and wrapped it in a towel straight out of the dryer.  Then I should of got the mother and let the baby nurse.

It was still freezing cold when I got out there.  We were in shock that she had 9.  I had read that if your dutch bunny has more than 8 kits you are better off to try and foster the others.   Since the momma only has 8 teats any extras will probably not make it.  So we made a quick decision to bring the cold one inside since it was already off to a bad start.  We tried to warm it with a heat lamp.  I did not know about the water method and the towel until a little later.  I went straight to the internet to see what to do next.  I read that the best chance for it would be to bring the momma in, lay her on her back and let the baby nurse.  If you do this everyday the baby should survive.  So I got the little was too late.  It had already stopped breathing.   I read later that when they get cold like this one had,  they use up all their energy trying to get warm and can die really quick.  I should of warmed it immediately and then let it nurse. 

So yes, I'm disappointed.  This was our first time losing a kit, but if we are to continue raising rabbits I'm sure it won't be the last.  Next time I'll be more prepared.   Being a huge animal lover it is hard for me to see any animal die and then to realize that maybe I could of prevented it.  :(   Obviously I still have a lot to learn about raising bunnies.  But, on the upside 8 is a large number and we are very happy with them.  Nine was great, but eight is enough. :)

Meet Rosemary, Basil, Chicory, Chives, Dandy (short for dandelion), Verbena, Licorice and Safflower!


  1. Hi Sheila : ( , I feel upset for you ...Just last week my daughter who breeds austalian cattle dogs lost a puppy as well ....She said she felt it was her fault too that she did not do something sooner but also the litter that Foxy had was quite large and so maybe it was a blessing in disguise but we were sad to see it happen as well .....What kind of rabbits do you breed ? You have been busy with things as I have not seen any posts from your site....Prayerfully you will all have a good day ....By the way is Dakota your son and is he the same young man with the beautiful photography blog ?

  2. Hi Summer! That is sad about the puppy. :( We breed dutch rabbits. Dakota is my son and the same one with the photography blog. He also has a great devotional blog.
    Hope you have a blessed week!