Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Craft Time

I've been spending a lot of my time crafting lately.  Here is a sample of what I've been up too! :)

Bethany helped me make these waxed dipped pine cone fire starters!  I love the way they look in this basket.  I can't wait to sit them next to the wood burning stove and toss some in when I start a fire this winter.

 We also dipped some wax ornaments.  These were made from styrofoam sheet cut outs.  The cut outs we used were cookie cutters!  I love making these!  So much fun.  I still have to put finishing touches such as jute hangers on them and maybe some ric-rac embellishments on the gingerbread men!

Our house smells so good!  A mixture of Mocha and Apple pie!  Smells like fall!

I've also made a bunch of homespun coasters and some pot holders/hot pads.

Believe it or not that is not all.  I've also been making hair bows, aprons, "upcycled" denim skirts, baby gowns and homemade laundry detergent kits.  We are going to be selling all these homemade crafts at a homeschool craft fair in October.  I guess if my stuff does not sell my family and friends will get a homemade Christmas this year. ;)

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