Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sierra Jensen Volume 1 Book Review

I decided to read this book for review thinking it would be a good read for my daughter as she is getting older.  I do enjoy reading young adult books at times, but I was very disappointed in this volume of books. 

The Sierra Jensen series has 12 books in all.  Volume 1 consists of books 1-3. 

Book 1:  Only You, Sierra
Book 2:  In Your Dreams
Book 3:  Don't you Wish

I know that I am an adult/mother reviewing a young adult book and I am sure my review reflects my age, but I am a mother and I have to go on what I feel is a good read for my daughter.  The Sierra Jensen series is not it.  I found Sierra very immature and shallow.  Some of the "excuses" she gives her parents and those in authority  are dishonest which is definitely not something I would want my child to pick up on.  The writer tries to portray Sierra as a strong and mature christian and with everything else I read I found those passages hard to swallow.  Plus there were parts of the book that were just plain boring.  I would not recommend this book to young readers.    

I also want to note that before I began reading the series my 13 year old daughter started to read it.  She read about 9 chapters and then quit.  She found it boring and was disturbed by the way the Jensen family played along with grandma when she was confused and having memory lapses.  I teach my children never to lie even if it makes someone else feel better a lie is a lie and she felt that their playing along with grandma was dishonest.   

**I recieved an e-copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for my honest review.

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