Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Three Trees A Traditional Folktale

There is not much sweeter in life than snuggling up with your little ones and reading them a good book.  Those of you with small children know that sometimes it takes a special book to capture their attention.  I believe that The Three Trees by Elena Pasquali is just that book.  

The tale is of three forest trees that dream of what they will one day become. 
One dreams of becoming a royal throne; one of being a ship that can withstand any storm; and one longs to stay in the forest and grow as tall as tall can be. When they are felled, it seems their dreams are over. But as each tree is crafted into a new item--a manger, a fishing boat, and a rugged cross--it becomes clear that through the role they play in one important life their hopes are more than fulfilled.

The story book is beautifully illustrated and will sure to keep the child that is yet to learn to read captivated by the colorful pictures that tell a story in themselves.   The story is perfect for Easter, Christmas and all year long.  It's a story that you and your children will enjoy again and again!  And with Christmas just around the corner it would make the perfect gift for all the "littles" in your life!
**This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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