Sunday, May 20, 2012

Arms of Love - A Book Review

Arms of Love is a beautiful Amish love story written by Kelly Long.  The time period is 1777 which is different from most Amish stories I have read and I rather enjoyed reading a story from this era.  The main characters are Adam and Lena, but the story is well rounded and includes plenty of information and story line on both Lena's and Adam's family members.  I found myself enjoying the parts of the story that were about Ruth, a wet nurse that came to Lena's household to help after her mother died giving birth and would of liked reading even more about her.

The book started out with a bang for me.  I was instantly enthralled from the first chapter.  Because of a promise that he makes to Lena's mom before she died, Adam withdraws from Lena.  In her confusion of what is happening with Adam, she turns to his brother Isaac for support, but her heart remains with Adam.

Adam's father has been abusive to him for years.  He treats Isaac with love, but when it comes to Adam he is angry, bitter and often hits him.  Through the story you see how Adam battles with his inner turmoil till he finally remembers a horrific event he witnessed as a young child involving his father.  Through several events Adam confronts the situation and begins to heal.  Him and his father reconcile and his father asks forgiveness of both Adam and God and by the grace of God becomes a changed man.

Finally, Adam and Lena are free to be together.   There is a part at the end of the book concerning a rattlesnake that seemed a little out of context for me.  It kept my interest to read it, but it just didn't seem to flow with the story line.  In my opinion the writer should of left this part out.  Other than that though I enjoyed it and would recommend reading it, especially if you like Amish fiction.

** This book was provided to me by booksneeze in exchange for my review.

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