Friday, May 25, 2012

Herbal Foot Soak

 Lately my feet have been extra achy by the end of the day, so tonight I thought I would treat myself to an herbal foot bath.  I got out my foot spa (if you don't have one a dishpan or other such thing will work just as well) and headed to the herb garden to gather my herbs.  I had my water lukewarm and I added some fresh peppermint, lovage and chamomile.  It was heavenly!  I probably soaked them for at least 45 minutes!

 Here is a list of herbs you can use and what their benefits would be:

Horsetail:  Excellent for tired feet and will help reduce perspiration.
Lavender:  creates a refreshing tonic for tired feet.
Lovage:  A strong natural deodorant, it's perfect for feet that have been stuffed in shoes all day.
Marjoram:  Soothing to tired and weary foot muscles.
Peppermint:  Energizing and cooling for hot and tired feet.
Chamomile:  Calming and relaxing plus great for skin.
Thyme:  Cleansing and refreshing for overworked feet.

Just use your imagination.  I think Rose petals would be delightful!  I think Lemon Verbena would also give a refreshing feeling!  I do believe I have a new nightly ritual! 

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