Sunday, August 5, 2012

Faithful to Laura - A Book Review

Laura Stutzman is an Amish girl that has been hurt deeply by Mark King.  He has left her with both physical and emotional scars and now Laura has one thing on her mind and that is revenge.  She can't seem to move on with her life until she knows why Mark did these things to her.  She wants justice served, even if it is not the way of her people.

Sawyer Thompson was not born Amish, but after his parents died he was adopted by 2 loving Amish parents and raised in the community.  When his rich stuck-up grandmother that he didn't even know existed  shows up, his life is turned upside down.  She wants him to leave the Amish and be a successful businessman.

Laura and Sawyer become quick friends.  Their friendship is beginning to blossom into something more, but the anger they both have in their hearts may destroy their relationship.

Faithful to Laura by Kathleen Fuller is the second book in the Middlefield Family series.  I was not able to read the first book in the series and I am wondering if it would of made a difference.  When I began reading this book I found myself very confused.  It jumped from one character to the next and I really had no idea who was who or really what was even going on.  Besides the main story being about Laura and Sawyer, there are also a few other characters with smaller story lines.  I personally found this distracting and confusing in the beginning.  About halfway through the book I began to get more interested and was able to enjoy the remainder of the book.  Definitely not the best book I've ever read, but not the worst either.

***This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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