Sunday, January 20, 2013

Awesome Science - Explore Mount St. Helens with Noah Justice

I was really excited for the chance to view Awesome Science -Explore Mount St. Helens with Noah Justice.    I have always been curious about this Science program and think that it is a very unique idea.  How many educational programs can you find where a 14 year old  becomes your teacher?  I think the idea of a Science series created by kids for kids is something that will catch the attention of homeschoolers everywhere.  As a mother/homeschool educator one of the things I liked most about this program is the fact that it is biblicaly based.

Each video including Explore Mount St. Helens has a Study Guide that goes along with it.  I really love this!  Not only does it help reinforce the things you watch on the video it helps give teacher's an idea of how much the student payed attention and retained.  Plus, it digs deeper giving more opportunities for learning.  The main thing I disliked about the video is the quality.  The images were not real sharp or clear.  Other than that I think it would be beneficial for the homeschool family and definitely spark the interest of kids who are struggling in Science.

***This video and study guide were provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my review.

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