Sunday, January 20, 2013

Focus on the Family Les Miserables Audio Drama

One of mine and my daughter's favorite pastimes is to enjoy and evening of listening to Focus on the Family Radio Theatre.  I have yet to listen to a recording that I have not enjoyed.  Recently I had the opportunity to listen to Les Miserables for review.   Once again, I have not been disappointed.  Focus on the Family Radio Theatre is so much more than just an audio book, it is a complete drama with different actor's and actresses for each roll and a beautiful orchestra playing the background music.  All of that, along with the sound effects, brings you right into the story in a way that is truly enjoyable.

Les Miserables is one of the world's masterpieces.  It enthralled audiences worldwide as a great novel, as a major motion picture (most recently starring Anne Hathaway) and also as a blockbuster musical play.  This audio performance is true to the original novel as it follows Jean Valjean, a man who has spent years in jail after stealing a loaf of bread.  After being shown mercy he becomes a changed man and spends his life helping others.  It is a great story of redemption and forgiveness.

It is told in such a way that you have no problem imagining in your minds eye that you are sitting on the sidelines watching as the story unfolds before your very eyes.  It is very family oriented.  In the book and the movie Fantine is portrayed as a prostitute, but Focus on the Family does not dwell on this point, but more emphasizes that she is not a nice lady.  This makes it much more suitable for younger children, however, I do feel that it would be best for older children.  Only because I don't think it would keep the attention of younger children.  The French dialogue is thick with lots of accents and names which would be hard for younger kids to follow.  

I personally would recommend this version before going to see the motion picture.  Mainly because you don't have to worry about the wholesomeness of it.   Focus on the Family is known for providing good quality, christian entertainment and something you can enjoy together as a family without worrying about bad words, nudity, innuendo, etc.

***This copy of Les Miserables Focus on the Family Radio Theatre was proivided to me by Tyndale House Publisher in exchange for my review.

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