Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Forgiven - A Book Review

Forgiven:  The Amish School Shooting, A Mother's Love, and A Story of Remarkable Grace is written by Terri Roberts, the mother of the Amish School house shooter.  In October of 2006 Charlie Roberts went into an Amish School house and shot 10 young girls, killing five and also killed himself.

Most people are very familiar with this story.  You may remember hearing about it on the news when it happened, or read a book about it or even seen the movie.   Maybe you're like me and all of the above apply to you.  I was pretty sure I knew all there was to know about this heart wrenching event, but this book takes you too a more personal level.  Written by the shooters mother, Terri shares insight into the shooters life as a child and the story told from her eyes.  There are sections that Amish have contributed and I really enjoyed those first hand stories as well.

This is a story about forgiveness.  It is a story about love.  Forgiveness is sometimes a journey and it is not always easy, but without forgiveness one cannot heal.

I can't imagine being the mother of someone who committed such a crime.  I admire Terri Robert's bravery in writing this book and sharing her story. It is very well written and pulls at the heart strings of the reader.  There is much to learn about forgiveness within the pages of this book and I believe that the reader will learn so much about God's love within the pages.

***Thanks to Bethany House Publishing for providing me with this book in exchange for my review.

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