Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Bishop's Son - A Book Review

The Bishop's Son is the second book in the Amish of Bee County series.  I loved the first book and I think this one is even better!  The author, Kelly Irvin does a superb job in writing Amish fiction.  This book would make a great stand alone book book, but I would definitely recommend reading the first book too.  I really enjoyed getting glimpses into the lives of the characters I got to know in the first book and to read about Abigail and Mordecai's wedding was great!

The main character in this story is Leila, Abigail's daughter.  Leila finds herself torn between two men.  She must decide, but will she follow her heart or her head?  Two very different choices.  One she will remain with her faith, one she will not.

First there is Jesse Glick.  Leila has loved Jesse from the first time she saw him, but Jesse's feeling remain unclear.  He is wishy washy to say the least.  He sends Leila mixed messages.  He wants to court her, but he is struggling with his faith and is not sure it is fair to Leila for them to start a relationship, plus he has a secret that he is not ready to share.  He begins introducing her to other things, such as movies and cars and the things that the English life has to offer.

 Then there is Will.  Will is Jesse's cousin and has been keeping his feeling to Leila to himself.  Will is more grounded and knows that he is ready to commit his life and future to the Amish lifestyle.  He is hesitant to make his feelings to Leila known since his cousin has feelings for her as well.

Who will Leila choose.  Her faith?  Her heart?  Will she find true happiness in her choice?  You must read to find out!

***Thanks to for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest review.

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