Saturday, October 24, 2015

When Love Returns - A Book Review

If I had to pick one christian fiction author as a favorite it would be Kim Vogel Sawyer, no contest.  She has such a gift of writing beautiful faith based fiction novels.  As I read her books I always get so drawn in, that it becomes so much more than just a story.  Her books have a way of ministering to my soul and encouraging me in my own walk with Christ.

Kim Vogel Sawyers latest novel When Love Returns is the third book in The Zimmerman Restorations Trilogy.  I would definitely recommend reading these books in order.   To fully appreciate When Love Returns you need to start at the beginning.

Suzanne Zimmerman was sent away as a young teen when her mother found out she was pregnant.  It hasn't been an easy life for Suzanne, but the hardest challenge she faced was when she returned to her Amish community and family.  When Love Returns continues Suzanne's story.  As Suzanne and Paul's biological daughter is planning her wedding, Paul and Suzanne are being drawn together and once again sparks are flying, but has too much happened between them for these two to rekindle their love?

Then there is Alexa.  She is heading back to Indianapolis and is in search for her biological parents.  Is she ready for what she will find?  Can Alexa and Suzanne trust in God to work all things out?

The whole story comes to an end in a beautiful way.  Complete closure, no loose ends.  Perfect ending, perfect series!

***This book was provided to me by in exchange for my honest review.

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