Sunday, February 20, 2011

He's like the Wind

Today was a gorgeous day out.  My daughter Bethany brought her journal outside with her.  She read to me what she wrote and with her permission I'd like to share it.

God is like the Wind

Today  I just thought of something...God is like the wind.
I can't see Him.
I can't touch Him.
But I can feel Him all around me.
I can hear Him.
I see what He does in the things around me.
I can't predict Him.
I can't change Him.
I can't stop Him.
I can't live without Him.
but most of all He's always there, even though I can't see Him.
                                                            Bethany ~ age twelve.


  1. Such a very beautiful poem written by an even more beautiful young lady .....GOD has blessed you dearly and likewise for your daughter as well .