Friday, February 18, 2011

A Lesson from a Stranger

Due to an out of town appointment, the kids and I stayed in a hotel Wednesday night.   Thursday morning while we were eating our complimentary breakfast in the breakfast room of the hotel, an older man man came in, got his food and sat at a table next to us.  He was alone.  I had seen him the night before, a matter of fact, I thought he was a worker, like a "fix it" man or something.  It turned out that he was staying in the room next to ours.  He was an ordinary man upon first impression.   He was wearing the same clothing that I seen him in the night before, his unkempt hair, beard and attire gave little flare to his appearance.  But when he sat down, he did something.  Something that touched my heart, something that made me think.  He prayed.  He prayed out loud.   A prayer of thanks to his Master, for the food he was about to eat.   No hushed tones, no rushed words.  I know many christians when they are in public pray over their food, but it's usually a silent, rushed prayer sometimes followed by a quick look around to see if anyone was watching. 

Now I am someone who believes that just as quickly as we are to complain about something done wrong, we should be just as quick to commend when something is done right.  So I stepped out of my comfort zone and  I went over to this man and spoke to him.  I told him that his prayer blessed my heart and explained that most people do not pray out loud over a meal in public and it was a blessing to hear him do so.   He looked up at me and smiled, a smile I will not soon forget, almost angelic, and simply stated.... "it's a relationship, I don't even think about it, I just talk to Him."


  1. So sweet!
    The family and I when we go out to eat, we hold hands, as we do at home, and pray, not rushed and sometimes the waitress has to wait until we are finished. Like this man said, it is a relationship and something that is just a norm in our family.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. We probably need to step out of our comfort zones more often when it comes to opportunities like this. Your heart was obviously blessed and I'm sure his was too, probably not only by your words but by your presence. You may have been the only person there who spoke to him.

  3. Can you imagine how beautiful the dinner hour would be all over our country if more people did this ....what a heartfelt experience you must have had .