Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mini Pizza's

In our house, Sunday's are mom's day off.   At least cooking wise.   Every other day of the week I pre-plan and cook a family meal, but Sunday's is a day for mom to get a break.   Instead of cooking a big meal I fix easy snackins.  Sometimes everyone fends for themselves and heats up left overs, sometimes I fix pancakes, or doughnuts, or cinnamon toast.   This evening I threw together something on a whim and the outcome was delicious! 

I had some Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds (I must add that one sandwich round is only 100 calories)
I opened each one up (that's two mini pizza's per sandwich round) and layed them on a cookie sheet.  I spread some pizza sauce on top of each one, topped with pepperoni and mozerella cheese and voila...a delicious, super easy, and super yummy meal! 
Minimal preparation and minimal mess!  That's my kind of Sunday meal!  I may have to keep the ingredients on hand just for Sunday's.  Wait...then I'd be pre-planning. : )

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