Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Marriage of the Heart - A Book Review

A marriage of the Heart by Kelly Long is three Amish stories combined in on book.

 A Perfect Secret - Here you will read about Rose and Luke who are not only best friends, they are to be married.  Luke appears to be safe, serious and dependable and not at all exciting as Rose secretly longs for.  One night she finds Luke in the woods and finds that he has a secret.  Now his secret haunts her, but she also finds herself excited and intrigued by this man that she thought she new, but she must ask herself, should she be marrying a man she doesn't understand and maybe doesn't know as well as she thought?

This is a sweet little story about love and discovery.  I enjoyed seeing Rose and Luke's relationship blossom as they discovered new truth's about each other.

Christmas Cradles - Anna Stolis is a midwife and takes over for her aunt who is also a midwife in a neighboring community.  It's Christmas night and there is a snow storm.  Asa Lapp is there to take Anna by buggy to the homes of families that are due to deliver.  Of course, all of the ladies due to deliver go into labor on this stormy night and Asa has to step in and help.

I really enjoyed this story! Asa and Anna are both a little older and both have given up on love, but through this night of unexpected twists they find love!

A Marriage of the Heart - Abigail's mother died when she was five years old and she has lived alone with her stern father.  She is tired of the feelings of loneliness and dreams of escaping the farmhouse that feels more like a prison.  So Abigail concocts a plan.  Joseph Lambert is new to the community.  He has lived as an Englischer most of his life, but has decided to leave that life behind.  He has just been accepted into the community when Abigail tells a lie and her father forces marriage.  Everything backfires on Abigail and now she and Joseph must make the best of their marriage.  Will they find love with each other after all?

This was my favorite story out of the three novella's.  Joseph's character is the type of guy that every girl dreams of...fun, romantic and handsome.  Abigail and Joseph's story seems almost like a fairy tale and who doesn't like a good fairy tale!

I love reading short stories and these are probably the best that I have read in a long time.  Highly recommended if you like happy feel good stories!

***This book was provided to me through booksneeze in exchange for my review.

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