Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fish Taco's

You may be thinking EWW GROSS at the sound of fish taco's and I wouldn't blame you one bit.  A matter of fact that is what I thought when I first heard of them. We know several people that raved about them being so good so I thought "Hey!  Why not?"  To my surprise they were DEEELISH!  They are a new family favorite.  Everyone (even the hesitant one's) loved them.  So be brave!  Be courageous!  Make Fish Taco's. :):)


Yellow Corn Tortilla's
Fish Fillets (I use fish sticks)
1 TBS. Lime Juice
1/4 C.  Chipolte Sauce
1 C.  Plain Yogurt
1 1/2 C. Mayonaise

The first thing you want to do is put your fish sticks in the oven.  Cook them per the directions on the box.

While they are cooking you can chop/dice your cabbage  and put it in a serving bowl.

Now, let's work on the sauce.   Mix together Lime Juice, Chipotle Sauce, Plain Yogurt, and Mayonaise.  Make sure you are using PLAIN yogurt and REAL mayonaise (not Miracle Whip).

You can set that aside and get a pan out and start warming your tortilla's on top of the stove.  Don't forget to flip and get the other side warm. :)  

Once your fish sticks are brown and ready you can call the family to supper!  I let mine fix their own taco's.  Start with a tortilla, add fish sticks-the brand I use are small so we use two per taco, add some sauce, cabbage, salsa (optional) and an extra squeeze of lime juice (also optional) and enjoy!

The secret is in the sauce!  I'm pretty sure that's what makes them so deelish!  Oh and if anyone asks, don't tell Dakota it's cabbage.  He thinks it's lettuce. hehe!

If you do better with a video here is a little youtube clip on how to make them.  This is basically the recipe we use, just some different brands.  Click HERE for the video.

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