Monday, October 1, 2012

Great For God - A Book Review

Great for God - Missionaries Who Changed the World by David Shibley is a  book that will encourage and inspire Christians of all ages.

 You CAN be great for God.  You SHOULD be great for God.  Our times BEG for you to be great for God.  This books will take you through the lives of 23 missionaries that did great things for God and by reading about their lives and their deaths you will be encouraged to do great things as well.

The missionaries you will read about are:  Rowland Victor Bingham,  William R. Bright, William Carey, Amy Carmichael, Jim Elliot, Charles E. Fuller, H.B. Garlock, Adoniram Judson, Eric Liddell, Paul E. Little, David Livingstone, Lottie Moon, John R. Mott, Bob Pierce, Warren Shibley, Mary Slessor, Oswald J. Smith, C.T. Studd, Hudson Taylor, William Cameron Townsend, Dawson Trotman, Nikolaus Ludwic von Zinzendorf and Samuel Zwemer.

I liked reading about both men and women and I also liked that the time periods of the lives of the missionaries varied.   The set up of the book was great as well.  Each chapter features a new missionary and at the beginning it tells the name of the missionary, the birth and death date, their legacy and a quote.  I am someone that love's quotes and this feature was probably my favorite part!

David Shibley has done a remarkable job with this book!  As a homeschool mom I think it would be a great resource for devotions and Bible study.

***This book was given to me as an ebook in exchange for my honest review.

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