Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gone South - A Book Review

When it comes to reading books I tend to stick with historical fiction, but after seeing the pretty cover of Gone South and reading the description I thought I would give this one a try.  It was a good read.  Not a favorite, but good.  I like the author's, Meg Moseley's writing style and I found the book interesting from cover to cover.

The story takes place in a small southern town.   Tish McComb makes a rash decision and buys her great-great-great grandparents home.  What she didn't know is that her ancestors where not well liked and the town seems to hold on to grudges.  She has to work really hard to gain acceptance in the new town.  Thankfully she finds a friend in George.

As if her life was not complicated enough she takes in a young homeless girl named Mel.  Mel's father refuses to let her come home and she has gained a terrible reputation among the towns people.  

I love the way that this story links back to the Civil War era through Tish's ancestors, plus it deals with several modern day issues such as homelessness, prejudice and forgiveness.  A great book to add to your home library!

***This book was provided to me through the blogging for books book review program in exchange for my review.

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