Thursday, May 15, 2014

Out of the Depths by Edgar Harrell - A Book Review

The book Out of the Depths is an unforgettable WWII true story of survival, courage and the sinking of the USS Indianapolis.

On July 30, 1945 the USS Indianapolis and its crew of 1,196 men were making their way toward a small island in the South  Pacific.  They were assured by headquarters that the waters were safe.  Because of the hot and muggy conditions many of the men were sleeping out on the deck.  Little did they know their ship was being watched. Six torpedoes were aimed right at them.

After the ship went down, the remaining crew that survived the attack spent five horrifying days and nights in shark infested waters.  Many of the men were injured and covered in oil.  On top of that they had to deal with dehydration, exposure, saltwater poisoning and shark attacks.  The number of men was greatly depleted before they were miraculously rescued.

Edgar Harrell, USMC was a survivor of the USS Indianapolis and the writer of Out of the Depths.  His pastor son, David Harrell co wrote the book.  I had not heard a lot about the USS Indianapolis up until this point in my life, but I have always enjoyed learning about WWII so I was excited to get this book.  I was captivated within the first few pages and did not want to put the book down until I finished it.  Even then I found myself thinking about the horrific events that took place.  Edgar Harrell's account is truly inspirational.   His faith in God was a key point in his survival and I believe his prayers and quotation of scriptures helped his fellow crew members at that time and thereafter.  The events that took place during the rescue was simply miraculous and shows of God's grace and mercy.  The author no doubt wishes for God to receive all the glory in his retelling of this historic event.

I found it difficult to wrap my mind around the terrible events that took place while these men, men who chose to serve and defend our country, were waiting out their fate in the ocean and then to read about the cover up that took place afterwards makes my heart sick.  The fact that Harrell has remained strong in his faith is an encouragement to me in my own christian walk.   I think this is a great book for American's to read.  Many of us have no idea the suffering that has taken place in exchange for our freedoms.

***This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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