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The Miting by Dee Yoder - A Book Review

The Miting is an Older Order Amish Novel by Dee Yoder.  Within the pages of this well written book you will read of Leah, a seventeen year old Amish girl who is questioning the Amish way.  Although Leah is in her rumspringen she has no desire to experience the Englisher's world in a wild way, she just wants her questions answered.  Why does the Amish church have so many rules that are not in the Bible?  Why can't she read the Bible?  Why is it okay for some Amish communities to do certain things and not for a different Amish community?  Why does the Bishop get to make the rules and each Bishop makes different ones?

Since Leah lives in an Old Order Amish community her questions and her desire to read the Bible are seen as rebellion.  She decides to go to a Bible study that is held by a former Amish couple.  While there she begins to see the one true God and asks Him into her heart.  Her family is very upset about her behavior and go to the Bishop.  They ask her to stop reading the Bible or she will be shunned (miting means shunning).  To "scare" her into submission the Bishop tells her family to give her a taste of what the shunning is like.  Now that her family will not talk to her she decides she must leave.  She goes to the home of the former Amish couple and they take her in and help her get on her feet.  She continues to draw closer to God, but is constantly torn between her faith and her family.

Leah's best friend Martha is being sexually abused by a family member.  Martha confides in Leah, but Leah feels it is a secret she cannot keep.  Leah is relieved to know that the Bishop is going to handle the situation.  Come to find out though, the Bishop really doesn't do anything about it.  Leah does not understand how a man of God and a community can sit back and let these terrible things go on.  Martha on the other hand goes wild and leaves the community to party it up with the Englishers.

There is also Jacob Yoder.  He is the only person that seems to understand Leah, but will her leaving the Amish community ruin their relationship?

When Christmas time rolls around Leah misses her family so much that she decides to return to the community.  She has changed a lot but her family and the Bishop still demand that she not read the Bible or profess her faith.  Will she turn her back on her faith to be with her family?  You are going to have to read to find out!

I really enjoyed this book.  When I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it.  I even found myself discussing it with family members.  Being from an area were there are some small Amish communities I have learned a few things first hand that would shock a lot of people about the Amish, so what was within the pages of The Miting was not much of a surprise to me.  I read Amish fiction on occasion and I do feel that the Amish way of life is usually glorified.  I enjoy those books, but realize that they are just stories.  The Miting is not a true story, but definitely a story that could very well take place.  I know that different Amish Communities are not as strict as others and that there are some that allow you to read the Bible, but for those that don't it truly is sad.

The author of The Miting is actively involved in the Mission to Amish People ministry as a mentor and volunteer.  I think that is such a wonderful thing.  So many times we think that we need to go to far off countries to be a missionary when in fact there are many souls all around in the U.S. that need Jesus and how refreshing to know that the Amish have not been forgotten.

If you would like to know more about the author, Dee Yoder you can check out her website by clicking HERE.  There is also an online reader's guide that will tell you more about The Miting and the author and you can access it at this website:

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***This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my review.

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