Saturday, May 10, 2014

Through The Deep Waters - A Book Review

About The Book:

At 16 years old Dinah Hubley has to make a decision.  After being raised in a brothel, her mother who is a prostitute becomes very ill.  To prevent her mom from being thrown out on the streets Dinah lets Flo, the owner, sell her to a man for one night.  By doing this her mother's debt will be payed and Dinah can pursue a better life.  When the time comes she realizes her mistake and changes her mind, but the man forces Dinah to fulfill her "duty" anyway.

Dinah flees to Chicago and gets a job as a chambermaid.  She shares a room with Ruthie, a young lady who desires a close friendship with Dinah.  Because of her past, Dinah closes herself off and does not accept Ruthie's acts of kindness.  Dinah struggles with guilt,  feeling unworthy and has night terrors.  She keeps her secret from everyone and wants to pursue a job as a server as soon as she turns 18.

When Dinah meets Amos, he is instantly drawn to her.  Amos has his own problems.   Due to an accident when he was a child, he has a handicap and walks with a terrible limp.  This prevents him from being a normal farmer and he tries his hand at chicken farming instead.  He hopes that one day Dinah will want to be his wife, but can he win her heart or will he find out about her tainted past and turn his back on her just like everyone else in her life has done?

My Thoughts:

Kim Vogel Sawyer continues to be my favorite author.  I have not read a book that she has written that I have not loved and Through The Deep Waters is the best yet.  I will admit that I was a little hesitant when I first heard about this book.   I have read a couple different novels centering around prostitution by various christian authors and have always been highly disappointed about how detailed they are about the "things that a prostitute does".    I am so glad I decided to give this book by Kim Vogel Sawyer a try.  Even though the main character Dinah's mom was a prostitute, she grew up in a brothel and has a "stained" past herself, there was nothing written that I felt was out of line.   It was all written in a very tasteful and respectable way.  As a mother I want to be sure that anything I read would be appropriate for my teenage daughter should she decide to pick up one of my books and look at it.  I can't say I would want my 15 year old daughter to read this book jut because of the delicate topic, but I don't feel like it is something that I have to worry about her glancing at because of the way the writer handled and portrayed the topic.  Very well done!   I can tell you, this book is going on my book shelf and will be read again and again.  That is just how much I loved this book.

One thing I love about Kim's writings is the deep faith and love of God that she portrays in her stories.  Through The Deep Water's is about forgiveness, redemption, hope, finding God and bettering yourself.

 I love to read and I read a lot, but seldom do I find a book that grabs my heart in such a powerful way that it moves me to tears.  This book did.  I cried on more than one occasion and could really feel the character's pain, their happiness and their need for a Savior.

Without hesitation I give this book five out of 5 stars!

***This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my review.

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