Monday, July 9, 2012

Canning Days of Summer

The extreme heat and drought has taken it's toil on my garden, but God is still good and he still provides!  I'm not getting near the green beans I usually get but the other day I did manage to can 14 quarts which was not to shabby for a days work!  My sweet Bethany wanted to help and I always count it a joy when one of my children want go help me in the kitchen.  Many hands make light work!

Getting the beans ready!

Heating/sterilizing the jars in the oven.  First time I tried it this way and I loved it.  Wash and dry your jars as usual and then put them in the oven at 225 degrees for at least 20 minutes and keep them in the hot oven until you are ready to fill them with your hot green beans.

I love my magnetic wand I purchased last year on ebay!  Perfect for getting those hot lids out of the water.  Don't you just love my gingham lids?!  I found those on clearance at Wal-mart earlier this year.  I stocked up!

I love hearing the "pop" of the jars sealing!  

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