Monday, July 2, 2012

This Scarlet Cord - A Book Review

I have always loved the Bible story of Rahab.  When you read about Rahab in the book of Joshua you get the facts of what this great woman does and how she goes from harlot to heroine. However, there are not a great deal of details shared about this brave young girl.

Joan Wolf takes the story of Rahab and tells us a beautifully written story of what Rahab's life might of been like.   It is a story of love, faith and the grace of God.  Keep in mind though as your read this, that this is a fictional story.

SPOILER ALERT - The writer does not have Rahab as a prostitute.  She shows that because of the false gods the Cannanites serve and their sinful beliefs that most people think that Rahab has been defiled and therefore consider her a prostitute and that this has been a misconception.  I will admit that this idea bugged me a little.  I do feel that when writing a fictional story based on a biblical character one should at least keep with the facts that the Bible shares with us.  With that said though, I really did enjoy this book.  I finished the book in three days because I could hardly put it down.

After reading this book I began to look a little more to what the Bible has to say about Rahab.  Her story goes beyond the pages of Joshua.   In the book of James (James 2:25)  she is used as an example of someone who's faith causes them to do good works.

In Hebrews 11 Rahab is listed with Abraham, Moses and Noah as a hero of faith.  What does this tell you about God's mercy?  He took a harlot who was despised by many and brought her to a position of honor.

In Matthew 1:5 Rahab is listed in the genealogy of Jesus Christ!  How awesome is that?  If God can take a sinner like Rahab and use her as part of the bloodline of his son, the Messiah, can't he use you too?

***This book was provided to me by in exchange for my review!

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