Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things I Like about Summer

I was going through some of my old papers and found a list that my sweet Bethany wrote when she was 10.   It made my heart smile. :)  

Things I like about Summer by Bethany Rose

 1.  I like to catch frogs.
 2.  I like to catch bugs with Daisy.
 3.  I like to find worms.
 4.  I like to go swimming.
 5.  I like to swim with my cousins.
 6.  I like to go camping.
 7.  I like to go on bike rides.
 8.  I like to go fishing.
 9.  I like to walk in the woods to our special spot.
10.  I like to lay on the hammock.
11.  I like to cut grass.
12.  I like to smell fresh cut grass.
13.  I like to play hopscotch.
14.  I like to play the game I made up called circle hop.
15.  I like to play with the bunnies.
16.  I like to play with the ducks.
17.  I like to play outside with Daisy.
18.  I like to take Daisy for walks.
19.  I like to play baseball
20.  I like to swing.
21.  I like to play catch.
22.  I like to play Frisbee.
23.  I like to shoot my bow and arrow.
24.  I like to go on walks.
25.  I like to read outside.
26.  I like to work in the garden.
27.  I like to have fires outside.
28.  I like being outside at night and looking at stars.
29.  I like feeding the ducks worms, frogs, and lizards.
30.  I like to walk outside barefoot.
31.  I like to be barefoot inside.
32.  I like to hula-hoop.
33.  I like camping in the backyard.
34.  I like watching flowers bloom.
35.  I like helping mam maw with her flowers.
36.  I like when it is hot.
37.  I like shucking corn.
38.  I like picking vegetables.
39.  Lying on the ground and looking at the clouds.
40.  Having picnics. 

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  1. My kinda girl! :) She's got good taste! :) Be blessed today... I'm praying for you!