Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If But One Year

If I had but one year to live;
One year to help; one year to give;
One year to love; one year to bless; 
One year of better things to stress;
One year to sing; one year to smile; 
To brighten earth a little while;
One year to sing my Master's praise; 
One year to fill my work with days;
One year to strive for a reward,
When I should stand before my Lord,
I think that I should spend each day
Witnessing along the way
For my Lord.  For from afar
The call may come to cross the bar
At any time, and I must be
Prepared to meet eternity.

So if I have a year to live,
Or just one day in which to give
A pleasant smile, a helping hand
A mind that tries to understand,
A fellow-creature when in need,
'Tis one with me-I take no heed;
But try to live each day He sends
To serve my gracious Master's ends.
                             -Author Unknown  

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