Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Menu Plan

I can't believe it is already December!   Busy times are ahead with preparing for special Christmas activities!  Along with my regular meal plans for our suppers I will be preparing a special Christmas Tea (look for a blog post with pictures), Christmas morning breakfast, family gatherings, and some extra goodies for New Year's Eve.  If ever there is a month to try to cut the cost on groceries this would be it!

1.  Sub Sandwiches
2.  Left over's
3.  Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
4.  Chicken Nuggets and Fries
5.  Herb Roasted Chicken (click HERE for recipe)
6.  Crock Pot Pizza
7.  Pannini's
8.  Homemade Vegetable Soup
9.  Leftovers
10.  French Dip Sandwiches (click HERE for recipe)
11.  Crock Pot Swiss Chicken
12.  Chicken Fajita's
13.  Beans and Cornbread
14.  Spaghetti Bread (click HERE for recipe)
15.  Chicken Kiev
16.  Leftovers
17.  Taco Bake (click HERE for recipe)
18.  Tilapia
19.  Angel Chicken (click HERE for recipe)
20.  Pizza Bread
21.  Beef Stew
22.  Fettuccine
23.  Left Overs
24.  Christmas Eve (family gathering)
25.  Christmas Day (Still undecided, but it will be special)
26.  Penne Noodles
27.  Chicken Kebabs
28.  Taco Soup
29.  Chicken Nuggets and Fries
30.  Leftovers
31.  New Year's Eve  - Party Time!

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