Friday, July 19, 2013

Oh Deer

The other day while we were swimming I looked up and seen just a flash of something brown going down.  I figured that it was a deer bedding down.  I was surprised that one would be so close in the middle of the day especially considering we had the radio blaring.  I told Bethany about it and she got out of the pool to investigate.  She sneaked over to the spot and seen a baby deer.  She hollered back and told me so I headed to the house to get a camera.  By the time I got back outside, Bethany informed me that they were gone, she shared with me that it was twin baby deer.  One was laying down and the other was standing.  She was so excited and had never before got to be so close for so long to a deer like that.  I was sorry I missed it, but very happy for her.  

Since then we have seen the momma deer and the babies quite a bit.  They have made a home right on our property and we couldn't be happier!   They are such a beauty!  Many a night when I let Daisy out to go potty there they are, all three of them right in the back yard.   This past Sunday morning they ventured into the front yard and were right by my car for a while before they went along their way.  Dakota was able to get a few pictures through the window!

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