Sunday, July 21, 2013

Redeeming Love - Book Review

As a christian I cannot with a good conscience promote this book.  I have heard many people say that this is one of the best books they have ever read, a book about redemption and God's love.  It is really hard for me to understand how this book can even be considered a christian novel.  I felt very uncomfortable reading it and if it was not for my agreement to read and review it I would of tossed it in the trash, which is exactly where it is going after I write this review.   As a mother of a teenage girl I would not want to chance her picking it up and reading any part of it.  I don't watch movies with bad ratings for sexual content and I don't want a book with sexual content within it's pages sitting on my book shelf.  On top of my disappointment with that I was very disgusted by the way the Author twists the Word of God around.  Also, at one point Mary the mother of Jesus is compared to a harlot by saying that she (Mary) became pregnant by Someone other than the man she was betrothed to marry.

The book is about Angel, a harlot that was sold into prostitution at the tender age of 8 years old.  Michael Hosea is supposed to be a prophet whom the Lord tells that Angel is the one He has chosen for him.  Therefore Michael visits the brothel where Angel works several times to talk with her and he eventually "buys" her and takes her home.  Angel does not want to be with him and feels like she now has a different owner and will never be truly free.  There are lots of details about what a prostitute does and lots of details about a husband and wife's intimate life.  Angel leaves several times, Michael goes gets her.  She finally falls in love with him, leaves him once again, ends up back in a brothel, finds God and starts a home to help "retrain"  prostitutes and get them out of their life style by teaching them a trade and helping them find a decent job.  There is no mention of helping the women find God which was disappointing as well.  After three years pass Angel goes back to Michael and as she is walking through the field to see him for the first time in three years she begins shedding her clothes and by the time she reaches him she is naked and they live happily ever after.  Yeah, I'm serious.

In a nutshell the book does not line up with the word of God and in my opinion makes a mockery out of a Bible story (the book is supposed to be based on Gomer).  If you want to remain pure stay away from this book and if you are a mother and decide to read it anyway please use discernment when it comes to your daughters.

***This book was provided to my by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thank you for your honest review! I actually read the book about ten years ago, when I was reading through all the published Francine Rivers novels. It is my least favorite, and for pretty much the same reasons you mention.

    Have you ever read The Mark of the Lion series? That is her finest work, and miles away from this one.

  2. I have never read that series and will definitely check it out. I have another book of hers but have not read it yet and plan to, so I'm not turned off from her as a writer, just this particular book. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll have to see if the library has it. :)